We just changed the name of our page to “PRIVATE” Jungle Tours… Why? Well, there is this phenomenon in the Riviera Maya of calling some things “private” which are anything but… And, almost every single client we have had in Ixtlan so far, and they are already quite many, has asked “Is the cenote truly private? Will it be only us?” Yes it is truly private! When you come to Ixtlan, you are our only guests. We would never do anything different. And, from what we know, we are the only ones who offer this kind of experience in the Riviera Maya.

As everything in Mexico related to tourism there is a lot of deception going around. Virtually all the “Private tours” advertised on the Internet are not private at all – you may get a private guide but otherwise you are part of the crowd everywhere. Although this is somewhat unavoidable at the most popular archeological sites, otherwise we do not do that. When we say that a tour is private, we mean that it is private. When we go to a jungle cave, or to a hidden archeological site, it is just your guide and you. Most of these sites are known and used only by us. When you come as our guests at Cenote Ixtlan, of course it is totally private – there is no other place like this on Earth, and we fully intend to keep it like that and to offer you an experience you will cherish for the rest of your life. We do things differently. And better.