About Us


We started our operation as a very specialized diving school in the Riviera Maya in 2012, and we soon realized that when our guests wanted to take a day off diving, there were no quality private tours in the area. The tourist industry in the region is very developed, but it mostly consists of large volume operations with close to zero attention to detail and exclusive offers are not available. That’s why we decided to offer something different – private tours aimed at providing unique experience at the highest possible standard. Our extensive knowledge of the area and our work, which often takes us to the deep jungle to places which are completely detached from the tourist industry help us create some truly unique programs we can stand behind.


If you need to experience the Riviera Maya in a way no one else does, if you prefer to be by yourself or just with your loved ones, if you want to be with European English speaking guides and value your time, we feel that we can offer you something you will remember for life. From Adventure programs to Mayan ruins, to hidden cenotes, to contemporary Mayan life inside the jungle – we can show you all, privately, gently and with maximum comfort. We are confident you will cherish this experience for a long time.


Please write us for details – we will be happy to make a quote, and a custom program just for you!


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